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Rewind: Pink Floyd, Animals
December 2, 2009, 7:58 pm
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I was watching a clip of Curren$y where he talks about rap as compared to The Doors, and it got me to thinking — he’s right. When was the last time you heard an 11 minute song? The last time I did, must have been on Pink Floyd’s I Wish You Here album. “Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)” is epic. The length of that song clocks in at an absurd 13:40. It takes about 8 minutes and 47 seconds for any type of singing to commence. That’s roughly the length of 2 rap songs and a freestyle (whoa, that was too much reading!).

Call me crazy but to me, the guitar solo in the first 8 minutes was too short. That final saxophone blow to the reed (ayo!) at the end of the song was even better.

“My thing is like — the music that I like, I just like it when people do exactly what they wanna do, pretty much. And I dont know about — I’m not gonna say that I know so much about rap you know what I’m saying? I listen to what I listen to, like you know what I’m saying? I just like whatever’s good. I like when you do exactly what you really wanna do. Well at least in the period of the shit that I liked — I liked The Doors and shit; at that time, the majors and shit — the people that were putting the records out, the machine and shit, the suits.. like making 11 minute songs and shit like that. It’s not like that no more. I’ts definitely not like that in rap. At least not in my experience”

Between A Dark Side Of The Moon (The Wizard Of Oz? wheredotheydothatat) and The Wall (the movie?), Animals gets lost in the shuffle (I think I’ll always be biased towards the I Wish You Were Here album). I was reminded of Animals the other day though (good looks Alex) and it got me thinking.. The breakdown on “Dogs” is classic material. Will your A.D.D. allow you to get lost inside 17 minutes and 6 seconds of vintage 1977 material of the immaculate type? Jets, fuck with me. Where haven’t we been yet?

DOWNLOAD: Pink Floyd – Dogs

Exhale it slow.

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tha intro on I Wish You Were Here is beyond goat.

Comment by thekidlegend

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